GoCardless are hiring a Senior Site Reliability Engineer

💷 Compensation

£100,000 - £120,000

📍 Location

London (Hybrid)

💻 Technology

Kubernetes Postgres GCP Go Ruby Terraform Chef Prometheus Elasticsearch Kibana Grafana

About us

We’re a global leader in account-to-account payments, making it easy for merchants to collect both recurring and one-off payments directly from customers’ bank accounts. Our global payments network and technology platform take the pain out of getting paid for 70,000 businesses worldwide, from multinational corporations to small businesses. Each year we process US$30 billion of payments across more than 30 countries. We’re headquartered in the UK, with additional offices in Australia, France, Germany and the United States.

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

If you’re looking to work in a collaborative culture, solving engineering challenges at a global scale, and having a real impact in making our products better for our customers, we would love to talk to you!

We believe in providing trust and autonomy so everyone can do their best work. From how we work to how managers support you, our goal is to provide an environment that enables you to continuously grow, ask questions and not be afraid to fail - because when we do, we see it as an opportunity to learn.

Site Reliability Engineering at GC

As a Site Reliability Engineer you’ll be part of a small team that sets the direction of the GoCardless core stack. You’ll think through the moving pieces that make up our infrastructure and the complex interactions between them. You’ll work with every other team within engineering – from product to data – to help build and scale the global platform our product sits on.

We take pride in our work, and open-source as much as we can. We’ve picked some examples of recent open-source work you can use to understand our remit, along with real-world examples of how our team operates from GitHub discussions:

  • Kubernetes extensions: We run a lot of our workloads in Kubernetes, and have extended our clusters with a suite of operators that we open-source at gocardless/theatre. We recently added support for authorised consoles, providing developers across GoCardless with a tool to securely administer and debug their application from within a production environment. See the PRs for this feature here.
  • HA Postgres tooling: GoCardless prefers Postgres for applications that need relational databases. We run large HA Postgres clusters using a tool called Stolon. Our SRE team built an extension for Stolon called stolon-pgbouncer which can provide zero-downtime failover between Postgres primaries, along with first-class integration with PgBouncer, a common Postgres connection pooler
  • Database load testing: As SREs, we work to ensure the reliability of our services. We recently upgraded our larger Postgres clusters to use the latest Postgres version on more powerful hardware. To ensure this change went smoothly, we wrote a load testing tool for Postgres called pgreplay-go that we used to replay production queries, helping us discover performance regressions. We also wrote a blog post about it.

About you

We use a large list of technologies, and will never expect you to have experience with all of them. We expect you to be enthusiastic about the infrastructure space, and the impact your work can have on others. To enjoy this work, we need you to be excited about learning new technologies, and not afraid to tackle hard problems.

Ideally there’s a programming language you’ve become proficient in, and used it to build a project you’re proud of. We don’t mind what language this is, as long as you’re up to joining a team that focuses mostly on Go and Ruby. We’ll probably ask you about this during the interview - we’d love to hear what you’ve done!

Finally, you take pride in your work and aim to build solutions that solve real problems, as simply as possible. You appreciate (and try to build!) tools that are easy to understand and run with minimal effort. You want to work with people who share these values, and will continually push you to improve. You value receiving and giving feedback, and trust in your team.

You’ll rely on:

  • Your skills in writing clean code, covered by tests, in one or more programming languages. Go and Ruby are our main languages in the infrastructure space; if you haven’t used these heavily then we’ll give you the space to get up to speed.
  • Your knowledge of deploying scalable and resilient applications in a containerised environment. We rely heavily on Kubernetes. We’ve also settled on Jsonnet for generating our Kubernetes configurations.
  • Your experience in building scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure in the cloud. We are primarily a GCP customer, but experience with other cloud providers like AWS or Azure is welcome.
  • Your motivation to automate operational tasks and eliminate toil using your software development skills and your experience with Infrastructure as Code. We use Terraform, Chef, and Cloud-Init.
  • Your ability to read and understand source code written by others—especially open-source code—in order to debug issues.
  • Your familiarity with observability tools, and your conviction that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!” We use Prometheus for metrics, Elasticsearch & Kibana for logs, and Grafana for dashboards.
  • Your comfort with the UNIX shell environment and your knowledge of Linux fundamentals and TCP/IP networking.
  • Your familiarity with relational databases and other data stores, especially around high availability and performance optimisation.

Life at GoCardless

When it comes to culture, we’re proud of what we call the ‘GC magic’. It’s primarily defined by our values: Start With Why, Be Humble, Act with Integrity, and Care Deeply. They’ve been our bedrock since day one, and they continue to be one of the key factors of our success, and the reason we love showing up to work every day.

Because we’re now delivering on our important, and ambitious vision to become the world’s account-to-account payment network, we’re working at pace. To help clear the path to success - so any obstacles and blockers don’t slow us down - we’ve introduced our own set of operating principles, which live alongside our values. They’re designed to help us successfully navigate our continued growth by helping us work together better. They provide guideposts around some of the key areas of how we operate so things are smoother, easier and ultimately lead to better outcomes. Read more about our values and operating principles here.

There’s lots more to the magic. We view Diversity and inclusion as a business imperative, so we have a leader whose role it is to ensure we create an inclusive workplace where people from all backgrounds can thrive, and where people from all walks of life want to join us. We also have high engagement with our GeeCee-led ’employee resource groups’ (such as BEAM, Inspiring, Pride, and Access) that are supported and sponsored by members of our Exec team. You can view our latest Gender Pay Gap report here.

We’re also rolling out our ‘Adaptive Working’ and ‘Work Away’ schemes. Adaptive Working will allow you to work flexibly, and in a way that fits around your lifestyle, whilst still ensuring teams can collaborate effectively and get together and socialise. It comprises three components: days in the office, remote working, and a thoughtful environment. Work Away gives the flexibility to work away from your normal place of work for up to 90 days in any 12 month period.

We also offer enhanced parental leave, pension packages, and you’ll receive equity. Having this ‘buy in’ is a vital part of building a successful business where everybody - regardless of their role - can make a valuable contribution.

There’s also our legendary ‘GC Fridays’. They’re four additional all-company days off every year, giving GeeCees a chance to switch off and relax, as a token of thanks for everyone’s hard work and commitment.

Find out more about Life at GoCardless via Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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